Informação para serviços de assistência técnica

Since 2009, Medifilanis has had the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE service available to the public.

This service is intended for all equipment purchased from Medifilanis and also from third parties.

With a competent and committed team, the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE service has become one of our brand images.

Technical Assistance Terms and Conditions

1. General conditions

1.1 - Upon delivery of the equipment, a document will be issued, called PAT (Technical Assistance Request), which will identify all anomalies mentioned by the Client for the purpose of repair. The Repair Order must be signed by the Customer and only the anomalies identified there will be repaired.

1.2 - The equipment repaired or not will only be returned with the presentation of a duplicate of the Repair Order and after payment of the cost of the repair, if it takes place. In case of loss of the document by the Customer, the repaired device can only be picked up by the owner, upon presentation of a valid identification document with photograph.

2. Warranty Period Repair

2.1 - During the warranty period, the Service Center will repair or replace the damaged equipment, provided that the anomaly is proven to be due to manufacturing defects.

2.2 - Repair of equipment under warranty and at no charge to the Customer will only occur if the reported anomaly is evidently due to a manufacturing defect and if:

  1. The Customer presents or sends the equipment purchase document (Invoice / Receipt or Cash Sale), with the serial and equipment number.
  2. The equipment is within the warranty period stipulated by the manufacturer.
  3. The Warranty Certificate, or any other document required by the manufacturer, is presented.
  4. d) The equipment complies with all the conditions defined and stated in the Warranty Certificate.

2.3 - Repair warranties do not cover product damage or defects resulting from:

  1. Incorrect operation or treatment of the product that is not in accordance with the instruction or operation manual;
  2. Installation and use of software not provided or incorrectly installed;
  3. Repair or attempted repair by persons or repair centers other than Medifilanis / Marca's Technical or Authorized Services;
  4. Use of accessories, equipment, peripherals and others not compatible with the product or standards recommended by the manufacturer;
  5. Adjustments or adaptations without the prior consent of the Medifilanis Assistance Center or the product manufacturer;
  6. Damage caused by transportation carried out by the Client, or third parties on his behalf;
  7. Technical intervention, with labor and parts unrelated to the services of the Medifilanis Assistance Center.

2.4 - The Service Center reserves the right not to accept repairs of equipment that are not presented with the referred documents.

3. Repair Terms

3.1 - The expected repair period for all brands is 30 (thirty) days, which may be exceeded for reasons outside the Service Center, among others, the lack of parts or the need for replacement.

3.2 - The repair and the repair period will only start with the delivery of the necessary documentation referred to and presentation of the budget.

4. Budgets

4.1 - Medifilanis' Technical Assistance service provides a free quote.

4.2 - The repair of the equipment is carried out immediately if the repair cost is less than € 30.00 (thirty euros).

4.3 - Repairs above the value described above, will only be carried out after the customer accepts the quotation.

4.5 - The budget is valid for 60 (sixty) days.

5. Repair and Parts Warranty

5.1 - All repair service carried out in our workshop is guaranteed for 90 days (3 months) from the date of delivery of the equipment or its completion. The warranty is only valid for the same type of damage reported and which gave rise to the previous repair.

5.2 - The repair guarantee is not valid in the following cases; a) the malfunction symptom is not the same as that manifested in the previous repair; b) the equipment has, however, undergone technical intervention by unauthorized personnel; c) the internal or external physical integrity of the equipment is adulterated due to an external cause.

5.3 - The parts used in the repair have a warranty applicable in accordance with the law in force, which in the case of new components is 2 years, unless otherwise specified. All items supplied by the Repair Center enjoy the guarantee granted by the manufacturers in relation to the product received. Parts that have not been installed in our workshop are not warranted.

6. Expected Delivery Date

6.1 - Expected delivery date after confirmation of repair: 8 days (if we do not have parts to perform the repair, the period extends from 2 to 3 weeks)

7. Deadline for Withdrawal of Equipment

7.1– 60 days after notice of repair completed.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1 - All personal data requested (name, address, taxpayer number, telephone contact and email address) are necessary to proceed with the repair request. Taking into account the security and privacy needs of its Clients, Medifilanis guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its Clients. Access to information is restricted, and it is only used for communication with Customers and the processing of their orders, namely payment, shipping and after-sales assistance.


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